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Slemma connects directly to your data so your team can explore it with a user-friendly interface. Share insights across your entire company in minutes.

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How it works


(Amazon Redshift, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, ...)


Google Drive, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Stripe, ...)




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Slemma plugs directly into the databases and tools you already use. Easily connect to all your data in minutes.

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  • Multidimensional analysis

    Slemma works by building a multidimensional model for your data, aggregating it, and providing your team with a completely new way to analyze and interpret your data in the cloud.

  • Plain SQL ready

    Comfortable with SQL? Create the entirely SQL based data sources and build charts on top of SQL query.

"We're reasonably technical and our clients were just after simple dashboards around very specific campaigns and BAU activity without the need to perform crazy bespoke analytics on a complex dataset. Slemma was perfect for this job because we used it to connect directly to Redshift and pull down tables using plain SQL."

Robert Kingston



Explore your data. Drag and drop your measures and dimensions, add filters, and drill-down and pivot to refine the results. Quickly flip through all the visualization types to arrive at the best presentation.

  • 100% custom dashboards

    With a variety of available charts and hundreds of customizations, your dashboards will always look and feel the way you want.

  • Cross-device support

    Be data-driven everywhere whether in the office or on the go. Slemma supports all major browsers on desktops and mobile devices. View your dashboards on any device.

"With the dashboards we can create in Slemma, our clients can access really stunning looking dashboards through the web. And they can even slice and dice the data in real-time by dimensions and measures we made available in our redshift table."

Robert Kingston



We've made it easy to share updates and dashboards across a company and mixed user groups. Share dashboards peer-to-peer, via a direct link, or subscribe team members to automated .pdf reports sent right to their emails.

  • Seamless collaboration

    Never get lost in endless email chains and outdated reports - share insights and track progress seamlessly on the web.

  • User management

    Share dashboards, folders, and data with your team and clients. Easily manage permissions for shared dashboards, assigning rights to each team member.

"Before using Slemma, we would have to share reports manually, over email or during our face-to-face meetings. People end up with tons of emails. Ultimately, when I showed the President how we can use Slemma to make dashboards that we can automate to update hourly and broadcast them to monitors in every branch, he got really excited."

Caroline Byrne

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Arm your team and clients with updated decision-making data & dashboards

  • Schedules

    Slemma will automatically refresh your dashboards so you always have the data when you need it.

  • Data & dashboard export

    Export dashboards as .pdf and export chart data as .csv or. xls files.

  • Quick and easy connectors

    Connect to your data once and your team will be ready to create datasets, charts and dashboards.

  • Calculations

    Explore your data by calculating new metrics and grouping dimensions.

  • Custom domain

    Stand for your brand. Set a custom domain name for your team or organization.

  • Completely self-serve

    Although we're glad to help, you can get up and running without chatting to anyone!

  • Presentations

    Create slide shows with live charts and visualizations right inside Slemma!

  • Secure connections

    Slemma connects with a read-only access. Utilize SSL encryption or an SSH tunnel for even more security.

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