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Analytics for Recurly

Integrate directly with your Recurly account and dig deeper into your payment data and metrics. Combine Recurly data with events and marketing data to report on the performance of your company.

Chart Recurly data against any other data source you can connect to Slemma such as Salesforce, MySQL, Heroku, Google Analytics and more. Calculate custom metrics like churn, MRR and ARPU the way you want.

Connect to Recurly and whip up a dashboard in minutes

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  • About Recurly

    Recurly is a simple solution for recurring subscription billing.

  • About Slemma

    Slemma is a browser-based data visualization tool. Plug directly into the most popular databases and cloud services; create, customize, and share interactive reports, dashboards and presentations with the entire team.

Why Slemma?

  • Direct Data Connections

    Slemma connects directly to your databases, cloud services and cloud storage so you don't need a warehouse. Chart Recurly data against any other data source you can connect to Slemma.

  • Simple Dataviz Software

    Slemma allows developers and non-developers alike to do ad hoc visual analysis against data using SQL queries or our drag and drop interface.

  • Seamless Teamwork

    Dashboards and data sources can be easily shared with your team and clients or scheduled as a report. Manage permissions for shared dashboards and assign rights for teammates.