Integrate your Retreaver account with Slemma: a simple, yet powerful reporting tool for businesses. Take a deep dive into your CRM data. 

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Create BI dashboards without writing a line of code. The Slemma and Retreaver integration creates a full analytics solution to dig into the successes and failures of your customer facing team. 

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Dive Deeper into Customer Experience

I like the fact that Slemma has other connectors. I'm using Slemma to create a dashboard that will give me a 360 look at both my sales and financial data, giving me a birds eye view of the company.

– Alisha Purcell

Head of Sales, PBG Events

Integrate to 80+ data warehouses, cloud services and cloud storage to build an all-in-one dashboard for your department.

Start with your Retreaver data, and then connect the rest of your business tools for a complete business analytics solution.

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